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Porcelain to Metal Bridges

This bridge is composed of a metal alloy and ceramic crowns. Missing or crooked teeth is an indication for a bridge. These bridges are much more affordable than all porcelain bridges. Although they are much less aesthetic, they are still a good option for back teeth restoration.

Advantages of A Porcelain to Metal Bridge

  • Metal-ceramic bridges have a minimal risk of an adverse reaction to the metals used in its manufacture, and they have excellent durability and strength, they are hard wearing and unlikely to crack or break, even if you are a heavy biter or tend to grind your teeth.
  • The underlying metal fused with the porcelain provides stability and strength to the Bridge; They tend to last for many years and are biocompatible.

Disadvantages of A Porcelain to Metal Bridge

  • One downside is that of being able to see a dark grey line around the edge of the gums which you may find less than attractive.
  • Metal-ceramic bridges could cause strong tooth sensitivity to hot and cold liquids sometimes.
  • Restoring tooth with these bridges requires a large part of the tooth structure to be removed.

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