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Gold Restorations

Want to know more about the benefits of gold restorations in Santa Rosa? There are a long list of reasons why gold is the undisputed material of choice for long-term quality dental repairs.

As far back as the Egyptians, gold has been valued in dentistry for its safety, durability, and flexibility. Gold is also the longest lasting and most cost effective restoration material. You can expect gold restorations in Santa Rosa to last 20-50 years on average. By contrast, repairs made with other materials are likely to require replacement up to five times over a 20-year period.

goldcrown200Unlike other metals which can cause sensitivity or an allergic reaction, gold is also remarkably compatible with the inside of your mouth. Gold expands and contracts at the same rate as your natural tooth.

This protects your gold crown from chipping, cracking or breaking, which can be a problem with other less versatile materials such as plastics and some porcelains. What’s more, thanks to its purity and smoothness, gold restorations are very easily cleaned and doesn’t tarnish or stain over time.

Because of its smoothness, gold, unlike some porcelains, won’t corrode opposing teeth. Gold restorations in Santa Rosa also require much less of the tooth structure to be sacrificed.

However it’s important to remember that not all gold restorations are the same. Some gold crowns are made of an economy gold and are merely gold in color. These cheaper gold-content crowns don’t possess the casting characteristics so important for a good seal at the edges, which significantly decreases the life of the crown.

The best of the dental gold is an alloy of many metals, (allowing for certain hardness factors that are required) and are usually about 76% gold or a little over 18 carat. Anything more and they start to lose other characteristics that are too important to sacrifice.

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