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Family Dentistry

Family dentistry in Santa Rosa is a family oriented practice that is able to address dental conditions for all patients regardless of age. Whether it is for children or elderly, Dr. Harry Albers will be able to provide professional dental care and excellent services.

Family dentists are able to conveniently treat all the members of the family, including little children. We will make sure that their baby teeth are taken care of, and their permanent teeth after that. We choose a different approach when dealing with children, often advising parents to bring them in for a visit before actually making an appointment. This will give them time to become comfortable with their surroundings and with the attending dentist. It also helps to prevent anxiety and irrational fear of dental visit later on. Admittedly, most children are apprehensive about having their teeth checked and treated, but providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere can help in making them more receptive to dental care.
In family dentistry, basic dental procedures can be carried out by your dentist including professional teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, the application of dental fillings, teeth whitening, and many more. Family dentists are able to keep track and supervise the health on the patients’ teeth to keep them cavity free and prevent damage caused by tooth decay. Other procedures used in family dentistry include periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, root canal therapy, dental implants, and other forms of preventive treatment. For more urgent dental needs, the family dentist could also give emergency care. Getting a tooth knocked out, broken, or chipped are just a few of the conditions requiring immediate care.
We recommend having regular dental visits so that the health of the teeth is checked periodically and maintained. This allows the dentist to immediately fix the patient’s dental issues, thus avoiding long-term dental problems. Regular dental visits will also equip the patients with essential instructions regarding proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques that could improve their overall dental hygiene. Ideally, patients are advised to see the dentist as often as possible, even in excess of the twice a year visits.

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