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Dental Implants in Santa Rosa

Dental implants in Santa Rosa? Missing a tooth might make you want to not want to show your smile. It often results in an unstable bite making it more difficult to chew. If you have loose-fitting dentures it will be harder to eat and speak normally. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth since they look and feel like natural teeth.A dental implant replacement tooth root that is placed where you natural tooth root once was. Dental implants in Santa Rosa look and feel just like your allowing you to smile, speak and eat as you did with your natural teeth. No one will know you have a dental implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth because they are integrate into the structure of your bone. Unused bone in your body is lost.  A dental implant prevents bone loss and the gum recession that accompanies it.

A dental implant, unlike a dental bridge, doesn’t sacrifice the your adjacent teeth since the adjacent teeth do not need to be crowned.

Dental implants in Santa Rosa can also be used to stabilize and secure loose dentures. It allows a denture to work more effectively when eating and speaking.

How are dental implants in Santa Rosa done?

For the best results Dental implants are placed in healthy bone where you tooth once was. The dental implant is allow to fuse to the bone for 3-4 months after placement. The procedure is routine and take about an hour per implant.

After the implant attaches itself to the bone an impression is made of the implant position and a tooth is custom made to replace your missing tooth. It usually takes a couple of weeks to have the implant crown made for your mouth.

What can I expect after my implant is placed?

Dental implants will function like your natural teeth and need the  same brushing and flossing home care as your natural teeth. Regular dental visits are essential to keep them healthy.

Implants can last a lifetime with regular dental check-ups.

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