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Antibiotics Dental Treatment

It is very common to think that using an antibiotic before a dental procedure is necessary, but currently there’s no need of taking a precautionary medicine before a visit to the dentist for most people and, in fact, it might do more harm than good, according to recommendations from the American Heart Association.

The AHA guidelines recommend that only the people who are at risk from infective endocarditis should receive short-term preventive antibiotics. People with the following conditions no longer need them: Mitral valve prolapse Rheumatic heart disease, Bicuspid valve disease, Calcified aortic stenosis, Congenital heart conditions.

There are, however, few patients for whom antibiotic prophylaxis may be necessary before specific dental procedures. Artificial heart valves, a history of having had IE Certain specific, severe congenital heart conditions. Patients and their families should always ask careful questions of their doctors and dentists anytime antibiotics are suggested prior a dental or medical procedure.

These situations are why you need the best dentist you can find to make sure they prescribed the safest and most effective medication for you. Look no further. With the expertise of Dr. Harry Albers of treating patients for the past 40 years, you are definitely in excellent hands. Call (707) 575-1190 or fill up this form to set your appointment today.

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