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Preventative Dentistry

For leading preventive dentistry in Santa Rosa, visit Dr. Harry Albers and his friendly, highly trained team
. We offer the full suite of preventative dentistry services to help maintain your optimum oral health both now and into the future.

Preventative Dentistry
The cornerstone of preventive dentistry is the twice-daily brushing and flossing you do at home and the professional dental cleanings you receive in our dental chair.

At your regular check-up appointments, we clean your teeth with professional scaling and polishing instruments to remove the hard tartar (calculus) and plaque (soft deposits) from your teeth. These deposits contain toxin-producing bacterial colonies that affect not just your teeth but also the supporting gums and bone (periodontium).

Without preventive dentistry in Santa Rosa, these deposits can lead to periodontitis or gum disease. Periodontitis erodes the foundation in which your teeth live, eventually causing the loosening or total loss of teeth. The buildup of bacterial deposits such as plaque is also linked to a range of other health problems, from premature births to heart disease. So, as you can see professional dental cleanings - or ‘hygiene therapy - is a an essential part of preventive dental care.
Many of you have restorations (fillings) of various sizes, in some of your teeth. No matter how small, these restorations weakens the tooth. So, preventive dentistry in Santa Rosa also involves the ongoing evaluation and replacement of these restorations.

As restorations become larger, your dentist may recommend more protective restorations such as onlays or crowns to prevent your tooth from fracturing while you are chewing. Even small restorations that feel fine may be defective and need to be replaced – as could happen with a leaking filling.

When a filling leaks, oral bacteria can creep beneath the restoration at the tooth/filling interface to trigger new decay. This decay can progress and endanger the pulp (nerve) far more quickly than if the decay started on the tooth surface. Replacing a leaking filling can prevent the pulp from being affected and the resulting need for root canal treatment.
Radiographs or X-rays are the most important diagnostic tool in preventive dentistry in Santa Rosa. X-rays are used to detect decay and periodontal disease in the early stages, and they can also catch more serious diseases.
If you do lose a tooth and it is not replaced, a chain reaction of events can occur. Teeth next to a gap have a tendency to tip into the space like the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. Tipped teeth are more prone to gum problems and biting forces are directed abnormally. Alteration in the bite can result and as a result your jaw muscles have to learn (unconsciously) to avoid hitting the miss-aligned teeth. Unnatural movements can result in muscle aches and TMJ ( jaw joint ) problems. While these problems develop gradually, tooth replacement can be a part of preventive dentistry.

The examples illustrate our comprehensive approach to preventive dentistry in Santa Rosa. All dental treatments which help to protect against oral and health problems, can also be seen as preventive treatments.

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