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Caring for your teeth

When you have optimum oral health, you can easily enjoy your food and smile without hesitation. Several problems can affect the health of your mouth, but proper care should keep your teeth and gums healthy, no matter what your age is.

How to Clean Your Teeth and Gums
The right way to brush and floss your teeth every day: Gently brush your teeth on all sides doing small circular motions and short back-and-forth strokes. Don’t Brush too hard, do it carefully and gently and mostly along your gum line and never forget the tongue. Flossing once daily is important because it removes plaque and leftover food that a toothbrush can’t reach.

Why taking care of the teeth is important
An Enamel is a hard, outer coating that covers Tooth Decay Teeth. Every day, a thin film of bacteria called dental plaque builds up on your teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce some acids that can cause cavities. Brushing and flossing your teeth can prevent decay, but once a hole forms, a dentist has to fix it. Gum disease starts when plaque builds up along your gum line. This situation causes infections that hurt the gum and bone that hold your teeth in place. This problem can often be fixed by brushing and flossing in the right way every day.

A Dry mouth can make it hard to swallow, speak and eat and can also accelerate tooth decay and other infections of the mouth and it happens when you don’t have enough saliva, to keep your mouth wet. There are things you can do that may help. Try sipping water or sugarless drinks. Don’t smoke, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Oral Cancer
Cancer of the mouth can grow in any part of the mouth or throat. A dental checkup can give the dentist the chance to look for signs of oral cancer. Pain is not usually an early symptom of the disease. Treatment works best before it spreads.

Here in Santa Rosa, Dr. Albers and his team have the dedication to caring for your teeth. What’s more, we are here to educate you so that you can maintain healthy teeth and gums in just a few necessary steps.

In a nutshell, you should brush and floss every day to prevent tooth decay and remove plaque from your teeth and gums. You should also visit us – your family dentist – for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. During these regular professional cleanings, we remove tartar from places that your brushing and flossing cannot remove. To maintain the best oral health, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and limit sweets. And, if you’re a smoker, quit.

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