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Tooth Grinding

Do you suffer from tooth grinding in Santa Rosa? Technically known as bruxism, the habitual or involuntary grinding and clenching of your teeth abrades teeth and may cause facial pain worn teeth.

People who grind and clench their teeth are called bruxers, and are often unaware they have the condition. This may be because they are clenching or grinding during their sleep, or simply because they don’t notice the habit. In addition to grinding teeth, bruxers also may bite their fingernails and pencils, and chew the inside of their cheek. Others mistakenly believe their teeth must touch at all times.

About one in three people suffer from bruxism, but many aren’t diagnosed until the condition has caused significant damage. The good news is that Dr. Albers offers a number of simple treatment options for tooth grinding in Santa Rosa.

Tooth Grinding
Over time, frequent and strong clenching of the teeth and jaw can lead to excessive wear on teeth, as well as sensitive teeth, jaw pain, cracked teeth, tense muscles and headaches. bruxism Forceful biting when not eating can also cause the jaw to move out of alignment. Front teeth can become very short from constant grinding of the enamel from clenching.
The Signs Tooth Grinding
When a person has bruxism, the tips of the teeth look flat. Teeth are worn down so much that the enamel is rubbed off, exposing the inside of the tooth which is called dentin. Exposed dentin means teeth are more sensitive to heat and cold, and can be painful.

People who suffer from tooth grinding in Santa Rosa may also experience pain in their temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which often manifests as popping and clicking.

Tongue indentations also indicate clenching, and neck and jaw pain in the morning are commonly associated with bruxism at night.grinding teeth
During your regular dental visits, Dr. Albers will check your teeth, jaw and mouth for signs of tooth grinding in Santa Rosa. If he notices signs of bruxism, he may observe and confirm the condition over several visits before recommending the best course of treatment.

splint in mouthOur bruxism treatments are designed to teach patients to rest the tongue, teeth and lips properly. When some people become aware of their habitual grinding, simply advising them to rest their tongue upward with teeth apart and lips shut may be enough to change their behavior and relieve discomfort.

We can also make a plastic mouth appliance, such as a night guard, to absorb the force of biting. This appliance can prevent future damage to the teeth and helps permanently change the habit of tooth grinding in Santa Rosa.

Another treatment option for daytime clenching is biofeedback, which uses electronic instruments to measure muscle activity and teach patients how to reduce muscle activity when the biting force becomes too great.

Researchers are also looking for other ways of treating bruxism, especially for those who tend to clench in their sleep.

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