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Tooth Reshaping

Do you have a minor defect in your teeth that you don’t feel comfortable with and you would like to erase?

Tooth reshaping could be the answer. Tooth reshaping is one of the most convenient and affordable options for fixing chipped or poorly aligned teeth to create the smile you always wanted. Tooth reshaping is an effortless technique that removes small amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape of the teeth.

What’s Involved in Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring?

  • Reshaping requires about 30-minutes appointment, depending on the extent of the work you need. Tooth reshaping is performed using dental abrasion techniques. Dental X-rays may be taken before the reshaping to make sure that your teeth are healthy.
  • We will mark your teeth with a pen to highlight areas that need sculpting, and with a particular procedure, we proceed to minimize imperfections on the surface of the teeth, and some strips may be used to contour the sides of the teeth. Finally, you will have a smoothed and polished teeth.

 When Can You Consider Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring?

Tooth reshaping and dental contouring are suited for people who only require a small adjustment or repair to improve the look of their pearly whites. For instance, if one side of your tooth sticks out more than the others or if you have a bit crooked tooth, this procedure is suitable for you.

In some cases, tooth reshaping and dental contouring are the initial steps to a more extensive cosmetic dentistry work. If you are required to undergo procedures such as veneers, crown lengthening, and teeth whitening, you will have to wait for a month or even years if you had tooth reshaping and dental contouring.

However, if you are particular about the time and expenses that you might incur with major cosmetic dentistry, then tooth reshaping and dental contouring is the best fit for you.

After Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring

You spent money to have your teeth look good, so excellent aftercare is essential to maintain their beautiful appearance.

Once you have reshaping and dental contouring done, the enamel of your teeth will lessen. Always remember that the coating (enamel) is crucial to the health of your teeth.

Since reshaping would make your teeth have less enamel, which is their primary defense against tooth decay and the natural wear and tear of chewing, it is imperative that you brush your teeth gently with the use of a soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrush. You will be required to floss gently at least once a day. We also recommend avoiding pushing hard on your toothbrush because it can contribute to scratching your teeth enamel, making it have a potential for abrasion.

Also, the use of a regular fluoride treatment can help you improve your teeth enamel and prevent abrasion.

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