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Tooth Colored Fillings

To be able to have the perfect smile, it is important to have great looking teeth. Dr. Harry Albers wants nothing more for his patients in Santa Rosa and so he is always quick to emphasize the advantages of using tooth colored fillings to restores the structure and appearance of teeth after they have become afflicted with cavities.
Tooth Colored Fillings Santa Rosa
Tooth colored fillings are composite resin or porcelain materials that are used widely in the field of dentistry as adjuncts for restoration because they resemble the look and feel of natural teeth very closely. This feature makes them ideal for use as filling material because they do not create a stark contrast between the natural teeth and artificial filling that takes away from the aesthetic appeal when seen.
After the procedure, some patients may experience sensitivity on the treated tooth. There have also been cases when the shade of the filling becomes slightly changed as the patient resumes his lifestyle habits. To prevent this kind of discoloration, a plastic sealant may be applied over the fillings.
Direct fillings are placed directly into the cavities that form as a result of tooth decay. Small amounts of the tooth colored fillings are applied in layers within the cavity, with each layer cured and hardened with the help of dental curing lights. This procedure can be completed in one visit and yields highly satisfactory results.

Indirect fillings are used for larger or more complex restorations. Usually, when a cavity is left untreated, it leaves a larger hole in the tooth structure that often leaves very little healthy tissue to support a restoration. With the use of indirect tooth colored fillings, a restoration will be created to take the place of lost tooth structure, most often crowning the deteriorated tooth to help protect against further damage and affection. This process usually requires more visits to the dentist’s office and more specific procedures since the restoration cannot be built directly onto the tooth, but fabricated separately before placement.

Tooth Colored Fillings Santa Rosa

Semi-direct fillings are used to repair a relatively large area of the affected tooth. Similar to direct fillings, semi-direct fillings are also applied in layers but are not installed directly onto the teeth. They will be removed and allowed to set completely outside the patient’s mouth. Once it is set, the semi-direct filling will be bonded onto the tooth. Dental inlays are a good example of a semi direct filling.

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